Why choose us?

We care about your experience and satisfaction. All of our models are a top-notch, best in the industry, willing to promote the relaxation and pleasure. To ensure the best experience, you will be kindly asked to fulfill the after - visit "review" form, and review your tantrica. We care about your satisfaction and happiness.

Our erotic tantra massage is unique experience available for all - both men and women. We believe in the importance of relaxation; New York is the city of many stresses and heachaches. We would be happy to take every bit of stress away and let you relax in comfortable setting. Our erotic tantra massage is available to anyone who would like to make an appointment.

How do I make an appointment?

Please call, text or email. We understand that the first experience can be a bit nerve-wracking for the newcomers therefore feel free to call and have a nice chat with one of us and listen to our voice. Please note: we might ask for some information like Instagram profile / social media account for our safety. Please do not take it personally, it is a form of light screening - not always required but sometimes is. Your privacy is one of goals, therefore we will never share it and will always keep it secret.

Nuru massage is slow and sliding experience. Why try?

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Why tantric massage?

The point of tantric and sensual massage is full development. Through the sensual massage, the inner dormant energies of the body are released. This makes a lot of difference overall, and one of the big benefit is that the receiver enhances his/her stamina. Tantricas at Tantra & Nuru Erotic Massage Stars Spa Sydney CBD can open the areas of the body that have been tied and promote the release of energy. As a result, the person becomes more productive in general and in different areas of life.

Tantric and sensual massage could promote the youth inside and out, and help you feel and look younger. As the result of the massage you become more active sexually in everyday life and acquire more energy to do the daily routine. After a session of tantric massage, you do not feel your age. Tantric massage will help you feel more youthful and more confident. Tantric sensual massage can have a huge impact on everyday life and therefore it becomes increasingly popular in various cultures.

How does tantra massage differ from a "happy ending" or just regular massage?

Those two are commonly mistaken with each other. While the regular massage focuses mostly on the yin energy - the energy of relaxation, tantra massage focuses on both the yin and the yang energies - both relaxation and stimulation. A true and good tantra massage that can be experienced in our online studio Tantra & Nuru Erotic Massage Stars Spa Sydney CBD waves like sounds of music, interchanging between stimulation and relaxation, back and forth. The meeting of energies will bring you a sense of completeness and peace.

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